Who we are and our aim and vision

About Sky Group

SKY GROUP are disengaged into two divisions:-

1.Real estate SECTOR 2. FMCG SECTOR

Real estate SECTOR

# Finished 6 howdy tec marquee townships In Neemrana-Behror, up 'til now counting...

# Magnificence rewards in customer association and inventive considerations and doing government insisted wanders.


1. Atta is Whole Wheat Flour created utilizing hard wheat created over the Indian subcontinent , typically known as Chakki Fresh Atta.

2. Sky Shuddh Chakki Fresh Atta is Rich in All Natural Fiber , Vitamins (B and E), Proteins, Minerals , Fats and Carbohydrates.

3. Sky Shuddh Chakki Fresh Atta's are absolute best for Chapatti , Roti , Puri , Parantha et cetera.

4. Sky Shuddh Chakki Fresh Atta's are available in the Range of - 5 kg,10 kg.

Our production is sharply equiped with the finest hi-tech grinding equipments with the bonus of excellent hybrid wheat availibility to serve. As mentioned we are pledged to serve the “CHAKKT ATTA” exactly like “GAON JAISA” to meet our mission. Our production skills are directly proportional to rate of demand other than rate of profit.

As followed by the tremendous outputs in the field of real estate ‘sky group’ would not be the same if it didn’t had the trend of “innovation” and working hard by the target centred highly professional managerial team.

'Sky Group' believes in the approval and acceptance of innovation and new ideas to lead the market. Our next vision is to split in the market of agro foods.

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